One may wonder where it is that the souls of the dead may drift to when their bodies are no longer fit for inhabitance, and in truth, the facts of the matter could not be any clearer. Throughout reality, the Terminal Cycle is a well-known phenomenon to be part of the nature of the Amnionic universe.

There are three natural spiritual states within the Amnionic universe:

The first state, being the default state of all beings born within the Amnion, mortal spirits are everyone you know, everyone you have known, everyone you will ever know. They are the players in the Dominion Game, the users of Cartic spirits/Divine Cards. Mortal spirits who live a mundane life will reincarnate as mortal spirits, over and over until they do something of significance. If one truly desires, they can also be reverted/brought back to their former states and bound to new bodies through dark alchemy, though it is highly unnatural and most alchemists would be abhorred at even the mention of resurrection, and dark alchemy. Dark alchemy in general is built upon the idea of using mortal spirits as a means of acquiring energy. The Azot Stone, a stone engraved with alchemical text and boiled in blood, then forcefully bound with upwards of a hundred or five hundred mortal spirits being one of the most powerful methods of mass destruction in existence

The secondary state, Cartic spirits, are spirits bound to metaphysical "cards," that which are given out at random by the Dominion in order for mortal spirits to play in the Dominion Game every 1,000 or so years. Cards in the deck of Gods, competing to become Gods, in the game of Gods. In order to ascend to a Cartic spirit, a mortal spirit must live a very historically significant life in some way, a great general, a flawless tactician, the starter of a revolution, a serial killer, a mass murderer, so and so. The means of ascending to Cartic state are not based on doing good, but simply doing. Once ascended, Cartic spirits will have no recollection or resemblance of or to their original state, a complete reset.

Cartic spirits are also often referred to as simply 'Cards' or sometimes even 'Kamidekki' or 'Dekki' due to the first human to document them and provide any even remotely public knowledge of them being a Japanese alchemist by the name of Hinikuna Naiwarida.

And of course, Dominion, the state which is bestowed upon the winner of the Dominion Game.