Far beyond even the lightless reaches of Mrunnr Cab, lies the elusive prison construct Tohrihtraz, formed by the great Knight Toh of the 11th Dominion, aeons before history or even the emergence of carbon-based life.

Tohrihtraz is an immense, rocky construct, chained to the Amnion, and coated as well, by a long, ever-bubbling line of dream-foam, the very same as which the Dream-circle is comprised of. The purpose of this place is simple, an enormous prison built for any being or force that may drift towards the light of reality and pose a threat to it in any way

The architecture, geometry, and physics of this colossal prison are said to be maddening and incomprehensible to most entities who have been confined to it, turning the prison into an asylum, where all its so unfortunately shackled horrors are condemned to rot and suffer for all eternity.